Dualtron Thunder


السرعة القصوى 25 km/h * | 85 km/h **
Motor Power 5400 W BLCD dual, 10800 W peak
المدى up to 120 km
Slope 32°
البطارية 72V 40 Ah LG battery
Charging Duration 19 hours
Net Weight 43 Kg
Max Load 120 Kg
Tire(s) 11″ Tubeless Ultra Wide
الفرامل 160mm dual hydraulic brakes + ABS
تعليق PFlex© System – adjustable
Equipments LED Headlight, Warnings, Stop Lights, Reinforced Clamp Ring
Dimensions 1150 x 610 x 1210 mm | 1150 x 610 x 510 mm (folded)
Water Resistance
Mobile App
Warranty 1 year

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DUALTRON THUNDER: Where innovation meets peak performance.

Crafted for thrill-seekers, this scooter harmonizes power, range, and versatility, reshaping urban commuting into exhilarating adventures. With 5400 W motor power (10800 W peak), it hits 85 km/h ** while adhering to safety at 25 km/h *. Its 72V 40 Ah LG battery pushes boundaries, offering up to 120 km range. Uncharted paths and steep slopes are conquered with ease due to its robust design and 32° slope capability.

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In the realm of electric scooters, the DUALTRON THUNDER stands as a true testament to cutting-edge innovation and unrivaled performance. Crafted with precision and designed for the thrill-seekers, the DUALTRON THUNDER encapsulates the perfect harmony between power, range, and versatility. This remarkable two-wheeler not only redefines urban commuting but elevates it to an exhilarating adventure.

At its core, the DUALTRON THUNDER boasts a phenomenal motor power of 5400 W, making it a force to be reckoned with on any terrain. With a peak power of 10800 W, it surges ahead, capable of reaching a mind-bending top speed of 85 km/h **, while still adhering to safety regulations with a limited speed of 25 km/h *. This formidable machine is driven by a BLCD dual motor setup, ensuring a seamless and powerful ride every time.Venturing into uncharted distances is a reality with the DUALTRON THUNDER. Its 72V 40 Ah LG battery endows it with an astonishing range of up to 120 km, enabling riders to explore the farthest corners of the cityscape without the worry of running out of charge. Conquering inclines becomes effortless as the scooter’s robust design and a 32° slope capability make it a conqueror of hills..



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Main Features

The DUALTRON THUNDER emerges as a beacon of technological advancement in the realm of electric scooters. Packed with an array of features that synergize seamlessly to offer a ride like no other, this scooter stands at the forefront of modern engineering.

With a motor power of 5400 W and peak power of 10800 W, the DUALTRON THUNDER conquers both speed and torque demands. Its performance is tailored to thrill enthusiasts and daily commuters alike, while its dual hydraulic braking system augmented by ABS ensures responsive and controlled stops.

The THUNDER prioritizes rider comfort with its PFlex© Suspension System, allowing riders to customize their experience by adjusting suspension settings. Its 11″ Tubeless Ultra Wide tires not only provide stability but also absorb shocks for a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Elegance meets utility in the DUALTRON THUNDER’s design. From its LED headlight to its strategically placed warning and stop lights, every aspect emphasizes safety and visibility. The reinforced clamp ring enhances durability, while its dimensions of 1150 x 610 x 1210 mm provide a balance between portability and performance.

  • Brake Lights
  • Warnings
  • Turning Lights
  • Powerful Front Lights
  • Speed LCD display
  • Mode change
  • Hydraulic Disk Braking
  • ABS
  • adjustable suspensions
  • Front/Rear Suspensions
  • 11″ Tubless – Ultra Wide
  • Quick robust and solid folding systems
  • Large confortable deck


The DUALTRON THUNDER places paramount emphasis on safety, seamlessly merging top-tier performance with uncompromising security features. Its dual hydraulic braking system, fortified by ABS technology, ensures impeccable braking control and prevents wheel lock-ups, minimizing accident risks. Illuminating the path ahead, the LED headlight combines with integrated warning and stop lights to enhance visibility, reinforcing road safety. Engineered for resilience, the scooter’s reinforced clamp ring bolsters its structural integrity, while the PFlex© Suspension System and 11″ Tubeless Ultra Wide tires ensure stability over diverse terrains. DUALTRON’s 1 year warranty, cements the brand’s commitment to product excellence and rider confidence. In the realm of electric scooter security, the DUALTRON THUNDER stands as an exemplar, redefining safe and enjoyable rides.


Product Highlights


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The foldable handlebar design with handle post introduces a seamless and space-saving solution, allowing for effortless folding and enhancing the portability of the scooter.

نظام الطي

dualtron thunder 11

The integrated brake and warning light system ensures heightened safety and visibility, combining essential braking information with clear visual cues for fellow road users.


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The dual rubber suspension system, featuring easily replaceable cartridges, delivers a smooth and customizable ride, allowing riders to tailor their scooter’s suspension to different terrains and preferences.

Front light

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هذه الدراجة LCD display provides a clear and comprehensive interface, offering essential information at a glance, from speed and battery level to distance traveled, enhancing the overall riding experience.

المواصفات التقنية

المحرك 5400 واط ماكس
السرعة القصوى 85 كم / ساعة
البطارية 60V35Ah LG
المدى 100 كم
تعليق أمامي + خلفي
الفرامل مكابح قرصية هيدروليكية (نوت)
الإطارات 11" بدون أنبوب
قدرة التسلق 30°
الوزن 43 كجم
وقت الشحن 17:30 (7 ساعات مع شاحن سريع)
الإضاءة المصابيح الأمامية وضوء التوقف الخلفي
الحد الأقصى للحمل 150 كجم
الحجم مطوي 115 × 61 × 51 سم
الحجم الموسع 115 × 61 × 121 سم


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Dualtron Thunder


25 متوفر في المخزون (يمكن الحجز بالطلب المسبق)