Dualtron Achilleus


السرعة القصوى 25km/h* | 70km/h**
Motor Power 4648 W Dual Motor (MAX)
Slope 30°
البطارية 60V35Ah
المدى Up to 120km
Charging Duration 20h | 7h (Using 5A Fast Charger)
Net Weight Approximatively 40.2 kg
Max Load  150kg
Tire(s) 11″ Tubeless Wide Tires
الفرامل ZOOM Hydraulic Brakes, 140mm Discs
تعليق Adjustable Rubber Suspensions, 5 types of cartridges available
Equipments Headlight, Warnings, Stop Lights
Dimensions 1250 *615* 1240 mm | 1250 x 275 x 560 mm (folded)
Water Resistance Yes
Mobile App No
Warranty 1 year



هذه الدراجة Dualtron Achilleus stands as an expeditious electric scooter available within the Minimotors product lineup. Exhibiting both sportiness and remarkable performance, this model showcases meticulous ergonomic engineering, facilitating seamless folding onto the platform for enhanced portability. The integration of the brand’s cutting-edge stem system, consistent with their latest generation, ensures a streamlined experience. A strategically positioned LCD screen on the handlebars empowers users to exercise control over vital aspects such as speed regulation, battery status monitoring, taillight activation, and even automated device ignition.

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Meet the DUALTRON ACHILLEUS—an electric scooter redefining the ride. With a potent 4648 W Dual Motor, it hits speeds of up to 70km/h**. Tackle inclines, cruise urban streets, or conquer off-road paths effortlessly. The 60V35Ah battery offers an expansive range of up to 120km. Its 11″ Tubeless Wide Tires and ZOOM Hydraulic Brakes with 140mm Discs ensure a safe and thrilling journey.With Adjustable Rubber Suspensions, 5 cartridge options, and integrated lights, it’s the ultimate adventure companion, rain or shine. Foldable and compact at 1250 x 275 x 560 mm, it’s not just a scooter; it’s an experience.



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Main Features

The DUALTRON ACHILLEUS raises the bar with its impressive array of features, offering an unmatched riding experience for enthusiasts seeking both speed and durability. With a 4648 W Dual Motor powerhouse under the hood, the ACHILLEUS effortlessly accelerates up to 70km/h** for the ultimate thrill. Tackling inclines of up to 30° becomes a breeze, while the 60V35Ah battery ensures an astonishing range of up to 120km, redefining the concept of long-distance rides. Crafted with Precision: The ACHILLEUS boasts 11″ Tubeless Wide Tires that provide stability and control over various terrains. ZOOM Hydraulic Brakes with 140mm Discs deliver confident stopping power, ensuring safety even at high speeds. Adjustable Rubber Suspensions with 5 types of cartridges provide a customizable riding experience, adapting to your preferences effortlessly.Built for Adventure: Despite its power, the ACHILLEUS is not just about performance; it’s also equipped with practical features. Integrated headlights, warnings, and stop lights enhance visibility, while water resistance ensures reliability in different weather conditions. With dimensions of 1250 615 1240 mm and the convenience of folding to 1250 x 275 x 560 mm, the ACHILLEUS effortlessly balances portability.

  • Adjustable Rubber Suspension
  • 5 types of cartridges available
  • Speed display
  • mode change
  • ZOOM Hydraulic Brakes,
  • 140mm Discs
  • 11″ Tubeless Wide Tires
  • Brake signals
  • Quick robust and solid folding systems
  • Headlight
  • Warnings
  • Stop Lights
  • Optional Parts: Fast Charger
  • Large silicon deck


Safety takes precedence with the DUALTRON ACHILLEUS. This exceptional electric scooter is designed to provide riders with a secure and reliable journey, enabling you to focus on the excitement of the ride. The ZOOM Hydraulic Brakes, paired with 140mm Discs, guarantee responsive and effective braking, even during high-speed scenarios, ensuring your control and well-being. Durable and Strong: The ACHILLEUS’s sturdy build, with a maximum load capacity of 150kg, ensures stability and safety for various riders. The inclusion of Adjustable Rubber Suspensions with different cartridge options contributes to a smoother ride, absorbing shocks and vibrations, enhancing both comfort and control. Weather the Elements: Rain or shine, the ACHILLEUS stands strong with its water-resistant design. This feature safeguards the scooter’s vital components against water damage, making it a reliable companion even in less-than-ideal weather conditions. The ACHILLEUS grants peace of mind, allowing you to embrace your journey without worry. The DUALTRON ACHILLEUS is engineered to deliver both excitement and peace of mind, offering an electric scooter experience that harmonizes power, performance, and security for riders seeking the best of all worlds.


Product Highlights


Dualtron achilleus wheels

The ACHILLEUS is equipped with 11″ Tubeless Wide Tires, delivering stability and traction across different terrains while minimizing the risk of punctures for a hassle-free ride.


Dualtron achilleus suspensions

The ACHILLEUS features Adjustable Rubber Suspensions with 5 cartridge options, ensuring a customizable and comfortable ride by absorbing shocks and vibrations effectively.


Dualtron achilleus footrest

The dualtron Achilleus features a reliable and spacious silicon footrest that ensures a comfortable and stable platform for riders during their ride.


Dualtron achilleus brakes

The ACHILLEUS is equipped with ZOOM Hydraulic Brakes and 140mm Discs, delivering precise and powerful braking performance for enhanced safety and control.

المواصفات التقنية

المحرك 4648 واط ماكس
السرعة القصوى 80 كم / ساعة
البطارية 60V35Ah LG21700
المدى 120 كم
تعليق أمامي + خلفي
الفرامل فرامل أسطوانية أمامية وخلفية
الإطارات 11" بدون أنبوب
الوزن 40.2 كجم
وقت الشحن 12 ساعة
الإضاءة المصابيح الأمامية والخلفية
الحد الأقصى للحمل 120 كجم
الحجم مطوي 125 × 27.5 × 56 سم
الحجم الموسع 125 × 61.5 × 124 سم


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Dualtron Achilleus