Dualtron Mini 21AH LG Battery


Model Dualtron Mini 21AH
السرعة القصوى 25km/h* / 45km/h**
Motor Power 1450W max
البطارية 52V 21Ah
المدى Up to 65 km
Charging Duration to 12 hours
Net Weight 21 kg
Max Load 120kg
Tire(s) 8,5 inches
الفرامل Front and rear drum brakes + electric brake.
تعليق Front and rear suspension
Equipments Stop Lights, Dual Front and Rear LEDs; Dual side illumination on the plate and fork
Dimensions 1115 x 600 x 1170 mm (1110 x 205 x 410 mm folded)
Water Resistance Yes
Mobile App No
Warranty 1 year

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The DUALTRON MINI is a remarkable addition to the realm of electric scooters, offering a compelling blend of portability, power, and practicality. Designed to cater to the urban dweller’s need for efficient and eco-friendly transportation, the DUALTRON MINI doesn’t compromise on performance while maintaining a sleek and compact form.

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The Dualtron Mini a model that seamlessly combines compact design, weight efficiency, and affordability a compact powerhouse that defies expectations. With dual-wheel drum brakes ensuring safety and control, and a potent 52V 21Ah battery propelling you up to 65 kilometers at a thrilling 45 km/h, this mini dynamo delivers unmatched performance. Elevating convenience, the Dualtron Mini introduces a pull-out folding system for rapid and effortless storage, complemented by a commanding 1450W motor that guarantees an exhilarating ride. Experience unprecedented comfort with front and rear suspension, and personalize your journey with thoughtful features like footrests, mudguards, and the Minimotros EYE system. The Dualtron Mini is more than just a scooter – it’s a testament to innovation, precision, and an uncompromising pursuit of excellence.



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Main Features

The DUALTRON MINI packs a punch with its impressive set of features that redefine what a compact electric scooter can achieve. This cutting-edge marvel boasts a 1450W max motor power, providing a smooth and swift ride. With a top speed of 25km/h* (45km/h**), the DUALTRON MINI effortlessly covers both short commutes and longer journeys.Its 52V 21Ah battery empowers riders with a remarkable range of up to 65 km on a single charge. Equiped with a front and rear drum brakes, coupled with an electric brake, ensures reliable stopping power, while the front and rear suspension systems guarantee a comfortable ride, even on uneven urban terrains. Equipped with stop lights, dual front and rear LEDs, and dual side illumination, safety and visibility are paramount in the DUALTRON MINI’s design. This compact dynamo stands at 1115 x 600 x 1170 mm, and folds down to 1110 x 205 x 410 mm, making it easy to store and carry. With a water-resistant design and a robust build, the DUALTRON MINI is ready to tackle various weather conditions, ensuring a reliable ride no matter the circumstances.

  • Front Suspension
  • Rear Suspension
  • 8,5 inches tire
  • Display
  • Brake signals
  • LED Front Lights
  • Dual side illumination
  • Anti lock brake system
  • Quick robust and solid folding systems
  • Adjustable ride height.
  • Handlebar sides LED lights, Dual LED headlight & Taillight, Brake light.
  • Optional Parts: Fast Charger.


When it comes to urban transportation, safety is paramount. The DUALTRON MINI prioritizes rider security with a range of features designed to enhance the riding experience. The combination of front and rear drum brakes, along with the electric brake, offers precise stopping control, ensuring riders can confidently navigate busy streets. The inclusion of front and rear suspension systems not only contributes to a smoother ride but also helps absorb shocks and bumps, enhancing overall stability. The comprehensive lighting system, featuring stop lights, dual front and rear LEDs, and dual side illumination, guarantees high visibility even in low-light conditions, promoting safer journeys.Moreover, the DUALTRON MINI’s water-resistant design ensures that unexpected rain showers won’t disrupt your ride. With a maximum load capacity of 120kg, this scooter accommodates a range of riders, while its foldable design allows for easy storage in tight spaces.onvenient urban commuting solution.


Product Highlights


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Spring suspension provides a smoother and more comfortable ride by absorbing shocks and bumps from uneven surfaces.


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Stop lights, dual front and rear LEDs, and dual side illumination to ensure safety and visibility


dualtron mini details

Deck grip technology offers a secure footing, ensuring optimal control and stability for a safe ride, regardless of surface conditions.

Folding System

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Enjoy the convenience of a quick, robust, and solid folding system for effortless storage and transport.

المواصفات التقنية

المحرك 1000W Max
السرعة القصوى 45 km/h
البطارية 52V21Ah
المدى 60 km
الإطارات 8.5″
قدرة التسلق 25°
وقت الشحن 8 ساعات
الحد الأقصى للحمل 100 kg
الحجم مطوي 111 x 31 x 60 cm
الحجم الموسع 111 x 116 x 60 cm


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Dualtron Mini 21AH LG Battery


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