Speedway Mini 4 Pro


Model Speedway Mini 4 Pro
Max Speed 25km/h* |45km/h**
Motor Power VMAX 1,360 W BLDC hub motor
Slope 27°
Battery  48V 16 AH LG version
Range Up to 45km
Charging Duration 6 hours with standard charger
Net Weight Approximatively 16 kg
Max Load  120kg
Tire(s) 8 inch tubed pneumatic front tire and solid rubber rear tire
Braking Regenerative Electric Rear Drum Brake with ABS
Suspensions Rear springs, solid rubber tires
Equipments Stop Lights, Dual Front and Rear LEDs, kickstand, .
Dimensions 1036 x 538 x 1198 mm  (985 x 183 x 335 mm folded)
Water Resistance Yes
Mobile App No
Warranty 1 year



Looking for one of the most practical electric scooters that seamlessly combines reliability and portability? Look no further than the Speedway Mini 4 Pro. This versatile electric scooter is designed to take you wherever you want to go while being incredibly easy to carry along on your journeys. Weighing in at around 16 kg, its compact and foldable design ensures that you can take it with you anywhere you go.

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Introducing the Speedway Mini 4 Pro: Your perfect blend of reliability and portability. This versatile electric scooter, weighing around 16 kg, takes you anywhere with ease. It reaches speeds up to 45 km/h and covers up to 55 km on a single charge. With a powerful 1360W motor, tackling slopes is effortless, and recharging is as convenient as your phone – plug in wherever there’s a power outlet.

With a top speed of approximately 45 km/h and an impressive range of up to 55 km (thanks to its 48V 16 AH LG version battery), the Speedway Mini 4 Pro boasts both power and endurance. Its robust 1360W BLDC Motor not only helps you conquer slopes with ease but also delivers a thrilling ride. What’s more, charging is a breeze – just like your phone, you can charge this electric scooter anywhere you find a power outlet.



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Main Features

When it comes to cutting-edge features, the Speedway Mini 4 Pro doesn’t disappoint. Equipped with a potent MAX 1,360 W BLDC hub motor, this scooter effortlessly reaches a top speed of 25km/h, with an option to unlock a thrilling 45km/h top speed for those craving an adrenaline rush. Its battery, a 48V 16 AH LG version, provides a remarkable range of up to 45 km, ensuring your trips are extended and worry-free.

The scooter’s 8-inch tubed pneumatic front tire and solid rubber rear tire guarantee a smooth ride over various terrains, while the front and rear drum brakes, combined with the electric brake, offer precise and reliable stopping power. The Regenerative Electric Rear Drum Brake with ABS not only enhances safety but also contributes to energy efficiency. Additional features include stop lights, dual front and rear LEDs for enhanced visibility, and a practical kickstand.

  • Rear springs
  • Speed display
  • Mode change
  • Drum rear and rergeneative braking mode
  • 140mm Discs
  • 8″x 2″ rubber Tires
  • Brake signals
  • Quick robust and solid folding systems
  • folding hands
  • trolley wheel
  • grip deck


Safety takes center stage with the Speedway Mini 4 Pro, ensuring you have a secure and worry-free ride. The scooter boasts a sturdy build, with a maximum load capacity of 120kg, making it suitable for a wide range of riders. The advanced braking system, consisting of front and rear drum brakes along with an electric brake, guarantees responsive and controlled stopping, even at higher speeds.

Furthermore, the scooter’s water resistance ensures that unexpected weather conditions won’t hinder your travels. The inclusion of stop lights, dual front and rear LEDs, and reflective elements enhances visibility, making you more noticeable to other road users, especially during low-light situations. With a reliable water-resistant design and a focus on visibility and braking efficiency, the Speedway Mini 4 Pro stands as a reliable choice for both new and experienced riders alike.


Product Highlights


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The Speedway Mini 4 Pro utilizes an 8-inch tubed pneumatic front tire for a comfortable ride, complemented by a solid rubber rear tire for enhanced stability and durability.


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The Speedway Mini 4 Pro is equipped with a Regenerative Electric Rear Drum Brake featuring ABS technology, enhancing braking efficiency and safety.



The Speedway Mini 4 Pro incorporates a clear and intuitive display that provides essential information for your rides.


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A convenient kickstand is included with the Speedway Mini 4 Pro, ensuring easy and secure parking wherever you go.


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Speedway Mini 4 Pro